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Admission Procedure

Talal International School justifying its name and course programmes of an international nature are open to admissions for students from all countries. Application for Admission can be had from the school at a payment of SR 20/-. Upon submission of duly completed Application form for admission, a basic entrance test/admission test shall be held to assess the applicant’s academic strength and evaluate his/her suitability to the class seeking admission.

A successful applicant is required to produce the following documents for gaining admission.

  1. A copy of the parents’ valid Iqama and Passports
  2. A copy of the applicant’s valid Iqama and passport (Originals need to be produced at the time of admission for verification. If no separate Iqama for the applicant, a computer print from Jawazat/Passport Office to be produced)
  3. Transfer Certificate (TC) from the previous school (for those seeking admission to Grade 1 and above)
  4. Progress reports (in original) from the previous school / schools for all classes starting from Grade 1
  5. Child’s Health Status Record issued by a qualified physician (Form is available with the school)
  6. Vaccination Card duly stamped by a recognized medical centre
  7. Birth certificate for the child issued by a competent authority
  8. Recent passport-size photographs of the child (4 pieces)

Applicants’ Age as of March 28, 2012 (criteria set by the Ministry of Education):

Grade Min. Age Requirement   Grade Min. Age Requirement
LKG 3 years and 6 months Grade 4 8 years and   6 months
UKG 4 years and 6 months Grade 5 9 years and   6 months
Grade 1 5 years and 6 months Grade 6 10 years and 6 months
Grade 2 6 years and 6 months Grade 7 11 years and 6 months
Grade 3 7 years and 6 months Grade 8 12 years and 6 months